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Welcome to L.O.O.P.

Welcome to The Left Out Organization Program (L.O.O.P.) for boyz & girlz where no youth is left out.  We truly believe in our youth because they are important too. Dr. Anthony Burnett, Sr.  Established L.O.O.P. with the goal in mind, no youth would be left out due to financial barriers.  Dr. Burnett or Coach Duke, as he is so affectionately known, believes all youth should have access to fun, safe, structured activities without financial restraints. Dr. Burnett and his wife Melisa dedicate their lives to serving at-risk youth boys and girls ages 6 through 18 years old. The skills offered in the program will prepare the youth for positive social interaction, conflict resolution, interviews for employment, mentoring and much more.  

We Encourage Youth to Keep Believing!

Dr. Burnett
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